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  Weather Presentation and Graphics : BBC Television





Barbara Edwards from 1974 (note the 'old style' symbols which were to be updated the following year)



From the late 1970s : Ian McCaskill presenting.



From the late 1970s and early 1980s : Bill Giles presenting.




From 1981 : Michael Fish Presenting



From 1982 : Jim Bacon presenting




From 1984 : Ian McCaskill presenting from the new look maps.



A 1978 example of a computer generated map and a 1981 Satellite Picture both used when magnetic maps were still the norm.




Appearing on "The Val Doonican Show " Michael Fish, Ian McCaskill and Jim Bacon.  Appearing with Roland Rat : Ian McCaskill.




From 1985 Computer Generated Maps are introduced. The forecasts begin with these colourful titles.



From 1986 : John Kettley presenting








All the above images are from 1989. The row above this one features John Kettley during Comic Relief.


From 1989 : Michael Fish at the BBC Breakfast Time map





From 1991 : Bernard Davey








All the above images are from 1992,  featuring Suzanne Charlton, Bernard Davey & John Kettley



From the early 1990s : A map from a late night forecast - shown just prior to closedown.

Maps were shown with no presenter in-vision, forecasts were read by the continuity announcer.


London region forecasts were presented by Met Office staff from the late 1980s through to the late 1990s.




Saturday 9th May 1993 : BBC2 broadcast a collection of Weather related programmes under the title 'Wet and Windy'





From 1998 : Bill Giles and ?????


From 1998 : BBC Scotland Weather




Both the above images are from 1999


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