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ITN : News at Ten - Part One







Above : Andrew Gardner, Alistair Burnett, Leonard Parkin & Reggie Bosanquet.




Above : News at Ten 1970's Title Sequence




Above : Andrew Gardner, Reginald Bosanquet and Sandy Gall.


Above : Continuity slides used by various ITV companies to promote News at Ten


Above : News at Ten rehearsals from 1977 with Andrew Gardner, Reginald Bosanquet & Anna Ford


Above : Anna Ford operating the cumbersome autocue equipment and on the right in a publicity shot.












1980s News at Ten presenters : Above left : Selina Scott.     Above right : Martyn Lewis and Pamela Armstrong.




News at Ten Title Sequence used from the mid-1980s until
















Above : Alistair Stewart  and Carol Barnes


Above : Alistair Burnett and Sandy Gall

Above : Alistair Stewart with Political Editor Mike Brunson.


News at Ten - Part Two

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