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ITN : The News at 5:45




ITN News at 5:45 was launched in 1976.






Above : Regular News at 5:45 presenter Michael Nicholson


Above : Regular News at 5:45 presenters Leonard Parkin and Carol Barnes.



Fiona Armstrong


ITN : The News at 5:40



In February 1989 the evening bulletin was re-launched as the News at 5:40.


Above : Regular News at 5:40 presenters Carol Barnes and Fiona Armstrong.


ITN : The Early Evening News



The "ITN News at 5:40" was re-branded as "The Early Evening News" in March 1992.


John Sucher was the main presenter of "The Early Evening News" with cover provided by Nicholas Owen.





8th of March 1999 - The end of ITN as we knew it...

...and the begining of ITV branded news programming.


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